Our areas of expertise



For more than 20 years, Acea has been developing a range of home automation services. Production on the Gundershoffen site complemented by low cost production with a long-standing partner in Tunisia.

There are a variety of possible applications:

  • Energy management
  • roller shutters
  • building safety


We offer a complete service adapted to your needs and support in terms of design manufacturing, so that you can achieve quality and fixed cost objectives for your new products. Prototypes, first series, small medium and large series, Acea offers a pro-active and flexible approach to the progress of your projects. We offer a global solution from design to integration and assembly of finished products.

We offer a variety of applications:

  • embedded Linux boards
  • computer server boards
  • batteries
  • intelligent water circuit breakers
  • collaborative robot


Acea has worked alongside its customers in the confidential security field for more than 20 years. The security sector is a growth area and technologies are changing rapidly. We are CNPP certified (National Centre for Prevention and Protection).

The security segments are:

  • retail
  • public transport
  • offices and administrations
  • industry and sensitive sites

Acea manufactures electronic boards that can be integrated into a global security system (example complete assembly of control panels)



Acea is at the disposal of its customers and provides know-how in the medical sector.
Electronics is increasingly integrating electronic boards and systems in the medical field. Acea’s ISO 13485 certification ensures that the service complies with the regulations and complies with the requirements in force.

There are numerous applications in the medical fields:

  • Medical imaging
  • care equipment
  • medical teleconsultation